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Halloween Costume Ideas for the Office

Bring Halloween to the Office

Halloween is oh so much fun, and this year, it's on a Friday, which means the office gets to participate in the dress-up fun!

Although many may be under the assumption that getting festive for Halloween could send an unprofessional vibe to your clients, I'm in the camp of people who think its a great way to interact with them, and to show your personality in a light, fun way. Plus, are we really going to let the kids have all of the Halloween dress-up fun?

The added bonus is that your clients who are on social media will LOVE the pictures posted of your costumes.
It's a great way to highlight your business and could even lead your clients to sharing your photo to their network of friends, which increases the possibility of gaining new clients! 

So, here's a round up of a few DIY Halloween costume ideas that are work-friendly and definitely fun. 


How to do SEO for the Business Owner

I am eager to wrap up this comprehensive series on Search Engine Optimization.  I think it is appropriate to end with the business owner, but I must admit that it might be a little anti-climatic.  Perhaps my message to business owners about what they should do could be summed up in just one word: Utilize.

But, why use one word when you can use 500, right!?


How to do SEO for the Copywriter

Welcome to Part 3 of How to do SEO.  This is the post on the concept that started it all.  As I mentioned in Part 1, this whole idea started when a copywriter asked me what she should be worried about when it comes to SEO.  Though we've take a look at what Designers and Developers should be doing, we will now get to look at what Copywriters should be doing.


How to do SEO For the Developer

Drawing a distinction between developer and designer is not always a good thing to do.  The two jobs should go hand in hand, and it is usually the same person who does them.  However, for our purposes today I think it will be helpful to delineate between the two.  Think of the difference being that one designs what the user sees and the other develops what the user doesn't see.  The developer, in this sense, goes "behind the screen" to build the site in such a way that it optimizes the content for search engines.  So, what does a developer need to do for good SEO?  Let's get started.


How to do SEO for the Designer

While waiting for a client recently, I was approached by a woman I had met before but didn't really know.  "Let me ask you something!" she said.  "As a copywriter, what do I need to be worried about as far as SEO goes?"  I spoke with her about the main areas of concern, and she seemed very appreciative.  She said that she had spent some amount of time researching the subject online but had not gotten very far.  "There's a lot of information, but there's no where that says, 'This is how to do SEO.'"  In that spirit, I would like to spend the next few posts systematically talking about how to do SEO.  I plan to speak first to the designer, the developer, the copywriter and finally to the business owner.  I will not be able to cover everything, but I do hope to address all of the important pieces of SEO as it exists today.