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Remember when I said that e-mail aliases are great?  Well, I still mean it.  In fact, I want to give you a little walk through on how to set up an e-mail alias.  For our purposes today, I will be using g-mail as the e-mail client.  Most other e-mail clients will set up their aliases in pretty much the same fashion.

Step 1

Ask your Web Master for an alias.

Unless you have access to your server, you'll need you web master to do this for you.  Just request that he set up an e-mail alias to forward to your personal e-mail account.  Make sure to give your correct e-mail account.

Step 2

Log into your E-mail Account

I know that seems obvious, but you would be surprised.

SettingsStep 3

Click on your settings

This might be listed as Mail Settings, Change Settings, etc.  It is usually different from Account Settings.

Step 4

Click on Accounts

Once you are on Accounts find the Send Mail As section.

Step 5

Click on Add Another Email Address

Send Mail As

Step 6

Enter your e-mail alias.

This is the address with your website name in it, ie:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Make sure to have the Treat as alias box checked.

Step 7

Select to Send through your E-mail client.

Step 8

Send Verification

Step 9

Check your inbox for the verification e-mail.

Step 10

Click on the verification link provided.

Voila!  You're all set.