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With the year still smelling like baby powder, one might imagine that it would be a little more easy-going.  This has not proven to be the case for me thus far.  Really when you think about it, there has only been one week of 2011, but honestly I feel like I should be buying a Valentines present already.  With all the hustle and bustle of last week's events I forgot to get a post ready for this week.  (It's shameful; I know.)  But, here I am plugging away at getting new content on the site because, as previously mentioned, I am committed to you ... and my SEO.  I thought it might be nice to take a look back over the past year, and while we're at I'll tell you what all happened last week too.

October 2009
Ok, I failed to mention that I was going to speak briefly on 2009.  That's my fault.  I just wanted to say that it was in October of 2009 that I left my job to do freelance design full-time.  I kissed the 9-5 world goodbye, and I never looked back ... except on occasion ... when I wanted some salt.

April 2010
For the first six months or so I pretty much floated around.  I tapped out every family and church resource I had.  I did a CD covers for people I've never heard of.  I did brochures for car lots.  I even did a website for my mom.  Pretty soon the well ran dry.  It was time to get serious.  In stepped Lemonade Marketing Firm.  There are several great things about Lemonade, but my personal favorite is that they take risks.  They took a risk on me and started sending me projects that I could never have gotten.  That is no less true today.

September 2010
I have a tendency to get bored with things.  Most of the jobs I've had I've like for about 6 months and was ready to move on.  But, this whole designer thing had stuck with my whole life, freelancing was becoming my style.  So, I finally launched this site.  It may not seem very important, but it was truly an outward expression of a change in business plan.  Starting at this point I began to be much more aggressive, more proactive about getting clients.  It's not a numbers game, power grab or even a money thing.  It's just that there are so many BAD sites out there, and I can help!

November 2010
I know you aren't supposed to let people see how you make laws and sausages or how you run your business, but I think the cat is kind of out of the bag on this one.  In November, I acquired a slew of clients that have fit comfortable into the family.  This has opened up a lot of doors to work with may wonderful people.  Among them is Langstaff Marketing with whom I have aspired to work for years.  They have a friendly and professional staff who knows everyone and seemingly everything.  They have been very helpful transitioning clients into a new workflow, and I truly value their work.

January 2011
Like I said, it was a busy week last week.  Here's a break down on what happened.

Monday I was able to start work for one of MillerCoors sites.  This is obviously a great honor, and I am thrilled to have been selected.

Tuesday I was featured in HeritageBank's Newsletter.  They always do a great job with these, and it is some awesome publicity.

Wednesday I was selected to build the website for @dtown Albany.  Honestly, I have never been more excited about a project in my life.  I can't wait!

Thursday one of my ads in Southwest Georgia Living caught the eye of an Atlanta rep who wants her clients to model the concept.

In Conclusion
God has been very good to me.  I want to give Him the glory now, and pray that I will give Him glory in the rough times too.
Daniel Titus