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If you see the value of a newsletter, but your business doesn't have one, her are a few ideas to help get you started! (If you're not seeing the benefits of a newsletter yet, check out this article.) As we've said before, a newsletter can be very good for drumming up business by drawing people back to your website! Although it can take some time to start, once the foundation is laid, is pretty simple to fill in new content each week/month/quarter!

Convinced? Great, let's talk about starting one!

Why Your Business Should Have an e-Newsletter

e-Newsletters are one of those trends that have been readily used for years, and are actually still quite effective! The popularity of e-newsletters takes me by surprise. When I first contemplated this topic for a blog post, I was planning to find many articles on the web persuading people to stop sending out newsletters. I assumed there would be many people who believe newsletters are a nuisance to the end user and serve only to clutter one's inbox. I even thought there would be many online sources revealing the unpopularity of newsletters. However, after a little research, the overall consensus is that newsletters are a good thing for all businesses to utilize and should not be left in the dust. 

Remember when everyone complained that their parents were getting a Facebook account?  I remember that my younger brother was just livid.  To this day, he has not accepted my mom's friend request.  Don't get me wrong, there were some rough patches there at the beginning.  I remember when she found out my cousin broke up with her boyfriend, she "sent her a private message" consoling her ... only she posted it on her wall.  Over the past five years, however, my mom has gotten really good at Facebook.  She's better at social media than I am.  One might say that we could look at my mom's social media interaction and learn a thing or two ... or five.  Infact, here are five social media tips that you can learn from my mom.