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Dustin White

Dustin is the IT specialist. He works hard to ensure that your technology does too.

I'm a problem solver.

Sometimes convincing technology to help us to achieve our goals can be a bit tricky, perhaps even a bit of a puzzle. Deciphering the riddles, rearranging the puzzles, and navigating the quandaries of computers is what I do.

I like efficiency.

In business it is important that you acquire tools that help you to do your job better. These tools should increase efficiency and productivity, not hinder them and give you one more thing to maintain. Keeping your computer systems running smoothly is what I do... so you don't have to. I'll take care of your computers so you can take care of your business.

I am a helper.

My goal is for you to succeed. I want to take the burden of dealing with problematic tech off your hands so you can focus on what matters to you. If my support helps you to succeed, then I succeed.