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Consistent Advertising


We've got a winner!  Congratulations Bert Parham!

Look Sharp is an online haberdashery.  Though it's brand new, I have immense confidence in its product and impending success.  Why?  Because I know thy guy.  He is a stand-up guy and details truly matter to him.  I'm so excited about the store that I'd like to run a little promotion for him.

Here's how it works.

  1. Goto
  2. Sign up to receive the Men's Monthly Pocket Guide to Style
  3. A member will be chosen at random on Christmas Eve (announced on Christmas Day).
  4. The winner will receive the accessory or accouterment of his choice.  My treat!

It's that easy!  So, quit reading this and get to it!  Go become a member and find out why details matter!