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iPhone Apps I LoveLike most people, I was deeply saddened by the death of Steven Jobs.  Like many, I learned of the news on a device created by his company (my iPhone 4).  This post is neither a tribute nor an omage to Steve Jobs.  I don't know his life personally enough, his work intimately enough, nor do I write eloquently enough.  I merely feel it appropriate to publicize some of the mobile application that would not be around if it weren't for Mr. Jobs.  In so doing, I hope to tip my hat, and say thanks.

Social Media App: Instagram

Instagram App on iPhoneAs much as I love Google Plus, my favorite social media app has got to be Instagram.  Facebook expanded the public arena to just about everything you wanted to say.  Twitter streamlined it down to 140 characters.  Instagram has done both.  Instagram allows you to convey 1000 words without display a single line of text.  Instagram encourages the pictures to speak for themselves.  I can think of no better way to follow friends and/or strangers than through the lens of their lives ... or Apple products.  That's the one real negative about Instagram.  It doesn't play well with others, namely Google products.


Bar Code Scanner: Fooducate

Fooducate App on iPhoneThere are a lot of bar code scanners out there, and I've got more than a couple.  By far, though, my favorite is Fooducate.  My main reason for liking it so much is this: it does something.  It doesn't just read information that is written into the code.  It continually builds it's own data base of information.  What kind of information?  Food of course.  Health food!  I'm not an uber health food nut or anything.  (Pardon the pun.)  But, given the option between healthy and not I'll usually go with healthy.  My problem is that I don't want to try to figure out which product is better for me.  I don't want to figure out which unpronounceable ingredient is more potentially harmful to my health.  Now I don't have to!

Entertainment: Pandora

Pandora App on iPhoneI can only get into games so much because they demand my time.  Music, however, I can enjoy regardless of my current activity.  Working, reading, playing, creating ... you name it!  In fact, there are times when music is quite helpful in establishing the mood and emotions that drive the work I'm doing.  Pandora's categorizing of music is most impressive, and they have a huge repertoire of artists and genres.  With that being said, most of their music is rather main stream.  If I want Jazz of any kind I still turn to AccuJazz.  But for a radio alternative at work, home or in the car Pandora is the way to go.