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I love going out of town.  A different place with a different look can be so inspirational.  Unfortunately for me, our most recent vacation spot was at the beach where all the graphics on display were either gaudy or cheap.  Nevertheless, inspirations abounded and ideas were conceived.  But heading out of town is not the only means by which one can receive trendy inspiration.  Inspiration is everywhere!  Here are some of my favorite places to find inspiration.

I was talking a client recently who was very excited about another one of my sites that she saw.  It was a flash site.  So, I explained to her that recently I try to stay away from flash-based sites.  When we got off of the phone I realized that I've never formally explained why I focus on HTML sites as opposed to flash sites.  That's probably because (albeit subconscious) I really do love flash sites.  I like the way they look; I like the way they move; I like the way they make me feel.  Despite all of that, I stay away from them as much as I can.  And here's why ...

Currently I am using some work space on the more affluent side of town.  It’s not an office, really.  It’s just some space that I’m getting to use.  I don’t pay for it, and it’s in walking distance from my favorite coffee spot.  So, why in the world would I want to start leasing space in the "disfavored" downtown?  Location, location, location.