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I'm a sucker for business cards. Good, ole' fashion, made-of-paper, fit-in-your-wallet, lose-in-your-desk-drawer business cards. Don't make it an odd size or a unique shape. Don't digitize it or virtual-ize it. Just give me a nice, heavy, 3.5 by 2 piece of paper with your information on it, and I'm a happy camper. Some people become too obsessed with "thinking out side of the box," but there are times when there is nothing wrong with the box and the true creative challenge is to think of something fresh that fits in it. One such idea has become a bit of a trend, and I love it. What is this novelty? Why, utilizing the backside of business cards, of course.

If you're like me you send and/or receive 100 e-mails a day. And that's the ones that don't get filtered or deleted. My e-mail comes to my computer (which is always right in front of me). My e-mail comes to my phone (which is always right beside me). I love g-mail's use of conversations, searches, threads and documentations. Having an easily accessible archive of what I said and what was said to me has saved my butt a number of times. I can't image life with out e-mail. But, the day will come when e-mail is outdated. I think it's coming sooner rather than later.

The Good; The Bad, and the Logical
Whether it's in the file you just created, the url you're looking at right now or your favorite 30 Rock character, "dots" are popping up everywhere.  They are the new trend.  (OK, so they are only relatively new, but they are definitely trendy.)  No longer does the "dot" indicate punctuation or abbreviations, the "dot" is a way of making a statement and being digital.  As with most trends there are ways to use it, and ways to not.  As with all trends there is a time when it's no longer trendy.  (I remember the first time I heard Dan Rather say "cool."  Hhuuuu.)  So, how do you know when to use the "dot" to your advantage and when it will just get in the way?  I'll give three examples that should help us understand the Good, the Bad and the Logical of the "dot" Trend.