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The Education Blog

Many of our sites recently have incorporated Education pages as opposed to blogs. It's a pretty interesting move considering an Education page is usually "just a blog," but it's perception may amount to different outcomes. Let's take a look at typical Education pages and why it may be a good thing to incorporate into your site.

An Education Page is Less Personal

Some people feel way out of their comfort zones by entertaining the idea of having a "blog." This term tends to conjure up images of introspective people sharing their personal feelings or opinions about a variety of subjects on their accounts. Perhaps the true inspiration for this stereotype is the concept that a blog is personal - and that is often true. Blogs are typically written from the standpoint and in the voice of the author, creating a more personal environment. Although this blog is informative (yes, I'm referring to the very words you are reading) it's written from a single view point, in which you get to experience what it's like to have a conversation with me. You're getting to know me, as well as what I have to say about this particular topic.

While education pages do not inherently have to be less personal, they often are. The same could also be said of blogs. Our blog could be entitled "Education" and that would be a fitting term, but I think we chose blog so that it is perceived as more personal. We're all about the personal. However, for some companies, this might not be the best approach.

It seems that calling your blog an "Education" section automatically sophisticates the information and context quite a bit. Your readers may take you more seriously at the outset and it also clearly demarcates you as an educator of your clients - which is something all businesses should strive after. 

An Education Page Can Be Less Involved

Now, I'm not saying that's exactly a good thing. Most blog-keepers have a really tough time sticking to a consistent blog schedule. It's so easy to push blogs off to the last minute or to even scrap them when the time gets short. Though some may disagree with me, people often perceive that blogs will be updated on a regular (and frequent) basis. I do not believe this to be the same case with Education sections. It seems that this page title gives the allusion that information will be added as it is beneficial to your clients.

For an education section, your clients are less likely to be anticipating a new post every week. Instead, your clients are probably looking for quality posts that will really strive to teach something about the industry. 

In essence, that gives you some wiggle-room, but I'd advise to still write consistently. We've spoken many-a-time about the importance of updating sites with new information, and your Education (or Blog) page is the absolute best place to do this on a regular basis. It makes your whole site look better (to search engines and potential customers) to keep new information coming consistently, so there's really no reason not to keep a blog of some kind.

What's the Hold Up?

Well, I guess there is one reason... time. We all have the same amount, technically speaking, but sometimes it just seems to difficult to actually get around to doing everything we want to do. Here's our suggestion: make it a priority. Hopefully, after time you will see the benefit of dutifully adding content to your site, further adding value to your website and investing in your business. Your clients want to hear from you. All you have to decide now is if you'd like a "formal-ish" Education page or a "personal" Blog! Get to writing. :)