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Google Turned 18!

This week Google celebrated it's 18th birthday! That's right, Google is officially an adult and has become more vital than ever. From it's beginning as a dissertation research project of Larry Page and Sergey Brin to its overwhelming integration into our everyday lives, Google has had a wild life. Let's take a closer look at its roots, how it's evolved over the years and reflect on its validity today. 

Scratch (Coding 101)

Like father like son.  My boy is starting to code!

I started coding when I was in fourth grade.  I (unknowingly) used a very classical approach.  I read the basic terms and definitions and then followed tutorials on how to make games.  The tutorials were in qBasic, but I had BasicA, and there were always a few things to debug and modify.  So, I would naturally work through the grammar, dialectic and rhetorical stages of coding each month.  Now that my son is in the fourth grade, he's beginning to do the same thing.  Only this time, the language is a little more kid friendly.

Happy Birthday to, Well, You

We recently celebrated my eldest son's birthday.  Usually my wife would have prepared his meal of choice (which was brinner), but we had a busy day.  So, this year we went to iHop. At the end of the meal, they came out singing and presented him with a complimentary dessert.   (Remember when that was a big deal and went above and beyond expectations?)  After the meal a stranger came up to our table and gave us some interesting information.

When You're Smiling

Big business has gotten a bad name over the years.  They help no one but themselves.  (Unless of course you are employed by them or shop with them or produce products that are sold by them—but I digress!)  Because of this, it's nice when we see big businesses giving back.  Usually what you will see is a big business giving big bucks to big organizations (that usually partner with the big business somehow).  Going off of the beaten path yet again is Amazon.  For some years they have had a wonderful program called AmazonSmile, and we'd like to tell you about it.

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Get ready, everybody!  There is a new social media swell happening, and we're going to ride that wave all the way to shore.  The social media craze really does come in waves.  On the one hand, there's nothing new.  It's the same, old stuff that you already know.  On the other hand, as the wave comes in, you can get more bang for your advertising buck.  So, it might be worth paying attention.  Today I was asked the very interesting question, "To tweet or not to tweet."