. . . the art of design

Graphic Design

Whether a logo or magazine ad, your company image is shaped by the graphics you use.  That can be professional or (quite frankly) not.

Logos and Brand Identity

More than any other medium, the image of company is conveyed primarily through your brand identity (or logo).  This emphasis on the vision cast by your logo demands that the brand identity be developed in an apparently professional and appropriately provocative way.  Your logo should communicate who and what you are as a company in a way that satisfies The Three R's of Branding.

  • Readable
  • Recognizable
  • Replicatable


Though your brand identity is often the first point of contact with potential clients, first impressions aren't always made during the first encounter.  Because of this, consistency becomes extremely important.  Your company needs a consistent and versatile ad campaign that can be translated through all forms of visual media.  Ads should be clean and compelling whether they are in Magazines, Billboards or Websites.

Recent Projects

  • Volunteer Appreciation Program
  • SAPAA Worldwide
  • Moorhead Law Firm
  • R&L Engineering
  • Albany Area Primary Health Care