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Accessibility Blog

Years ago I did ADA compliance for a website. It was an enormous pain—not worth it! However ... I have recently made my own website ADA compliant, and it went a lot better this time—totally worth it!

You'll notice the little wheel chair icon to the bottom right of the screen. If you click on it, there are loads and loads of customization options. You can manipulate the site to your own viewing pleasure. The best part, though, are the profiles up top. Whether a client is prone to seizure or getting distracted, has trouble seeing or reading, can't use a mouse or even see at all, this website should be accessible to them.

You should consider making your website accessible as well. Here's why.

FREE Autumn Background and Cover Photo

The favorite season of pumpkin-spice junkies, hayride fanatics and pumpkin-patch groupies has finally come! What better way to celebrate than with a FREE Autumn background & cover photo? We couldn't be happier that fall has come because with it also comes Thanksgiving. Giving thanks is something we may neglect at times, but we hope this graphic will remind you to always be thankful for what you have and to let others know how thankful you are for them.

Feel free to download our free graphic below for your Facebook cover photo or for your desktop background and enjoy all that this season of thanksgiving has to offer!

FREE Summer Graphic

Summer is the time to unwind and enjoy some of life's simple pleasures - that may be why we love it so much. Summer is a time to bathe in the sun with a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade in your hand and a ripe watermelon sliced on a platter. It's a time for beautiful blooming sunflowers and working in the garden. Days spent with your toes in the sand, floating on a pool noodle (or lovingly hitting your siblings with said pool noodle) and tossing the beach ball to and fro.

There's a lot to love about summer, so I wanted to create a graphic to highlight some of the best things it can hold. Fun, refreshment, and a time to enjoy nature at full bloom. Feel free to download our free graphic below for your Facebook cover photo or for your desktop background and get outside this summer!

10 Things You Should Know About Websites and Online Marketing

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the University of Georgia's Small Business Development Center's Grow Smart program.  I was given the topic of "Websites, SEO and Online Marketing."  Then I was told I’d only have ten minutes.  So, I decided to give the top ten things you should know about those things spending one minute talking about each of them.  Here is the content and an info-graphic of that presentation (after I wasted the first 22 seconds explaining what I was about to say).

Consistent Advertising


We've got a winner!  Congratulations Bert Parham!

Look Sharp is an online haberdashery.  Though it's brand new, I have immense confidence in its product and impending success.  Why?  Because I know thy guy.  He is a stand-up guy and details truly matter to him.  I'm so excited about the store that I'd like to run a little promotion for him.