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I recently participated in a survey asking about social media usage.  I consider my social media usage to be tempered and under control, and I answered accordingly on the survey.  Even still, when they presented the questions, "How much time do you spend on Facebook ... Twitter ... Instagram?" my answers fell into the top bracket.  I don't think that it is anything shocking to learn that we all spend a lot of time on social networks.  It is not UN-likely that you ended up here as a result of me pushing this post through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  What struck me was something a little different.

All of the Above

Are you a Star Wars or a Star Trek guy?  Are you a Beetles or a Rolling Stones kind of person?  Are you Mac or PC? Questions like these used to make sense.  You were either one or the other.  That's not really the case any more.  You don't choose your social network to the exclusion of all the others.  You don't access the internet from any one device.  In fact, you may very well have an iPhone in your pocket and a PC on your desk.  (Or vice versa if you're my buddy, Jeremy.)  Even the age old "Star" debate has been conflated; J J Abrams is directing them both!

The market is such that it allows and even encourages you to not choose one or the other.  The market tells us to choose all of the above.  Your target audience likely accesses not exclusively one social network but many—maybe even all—social networks.

Across the Board

So, what is a company to do?  You want to be relevant and meet your clientele where they are, but you don't want to get bogged down in the social media rigmarole either.  Is there a balance?  I sayYes there is.  Here are four quick suggestions that might help your social media be effective without it being overwhelming.

  1. Be Controlled  You do not need to make sure your company has a lively and vibrant presence on every social network that is out there.  It's simply not beneficial to do that.
  2. Be Clever  When picking which social networks to focus on think through two things.
    1. What network do your clients use?
    2. What would make a good platform for your company.
  3. Be Consistent  You don't have a be everywhere, but you do need to be consistent wherever you are.  Remember that first impressions aren't always made during a first introduction.  Consistency wins in the end.
  4. Be Creative  Consistency is great, but don't post the same thing the same way in multiple places.  It's interesting the first time, redundant the second time and old hat the third time.


Social Networks, while they are wasting everyone else's time, can work well for your company.  Focus your efforts where they will be most profitable and, whatever you do, be consistent!

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