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As of late, we've had an influx of print work that's changed up our usual dynamics of website, logo, repeat. I have to admit, it's been a lot of fun! In the past month, we've had the pleasure of designing a few brochures, flyers, t-shirts, truck wraps, banners and more. Print work offers different challenges from web design, while also carrying different benefits. In order to have the best print work possible, please allow me to offer a few pieces of advice. 

1. Keep It Consistent

Print work is truly a world away from web design in many aspects, but that doesn't mean that your print media should look or feel drastically different. In fact, we'd argue quite the contrary. It's important to keep your print work consistent with the other graphics that your business currently has "out there." If you've recently re-designed your website (which we recommend doing every 2 years), make sure your print advertisements, signs, and merchandise reflect that. This is the best way to stay fresh while also avoiding confusion for your clients.

If a potential client gets a hold of your snazzy new business card and decides to look at your 5-year old site that hasn't been updated since 2011, he or she would probably think they've come to the wrong place or realize that they're at the correct site and feel disappointment. Instead, keep it all consistent and avoid this possibility entirely.

2. Make It New 

One of the major authors of the literary modernist movement, Ezra Pound, is often quoted for his life-mantra, "Make It New." No matter the type of writing or content, he wished to re-invent everything and to give all aspects a transformation. In regards to print media, this should be our goal too. Just as a website should be re-designed every couple of years, your print media deserves a new design practically with each batch of new prints.

The frequency in which a design should change does vary depending on the type of print media; however, if your company has run the same ad for numerous editions of a magazine, it's time to change it up! It's also great to change the content or copy included in your print advertising, but if the aspects of your business you wish to highlight never change, that's alright too. Just be sure to change up the look frequently in order to stay fresh and new!

3. Print It Well

Lastly, I ask that you please get your media printed well! Print media will only look as good as the printer and paper portrays the image, so be sure to have a great printing company. One humongous benefit that I've had by working with Daniel is his background experience in printing. Before starting, Daniel worked for a local printing company and learned all about the specifications required for print jobs. Without this valuable knowledge, I would have designed many print jobs incorrectly and they would have printed incorrectly.

The designer has a lot more to do with the final product of a print job than one may imagine. Make sure your designer knows his or her stuff when it comes to print work!