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The Truth About the New Google Logo

On September 1, 2015, Google rolled out its new logo.  It was the biggest change to their logo in 15 years.  The response was ... underwhelming.  The New Yorker released an article explaining Why You Hate Google's New Logo and Fortune released an article explaining why a meh response is actually good.  Many designers have admitted that it is cleaner and more modern (which is not necessarily good) but still question the value of keeping it multi-colored.  I have stayed out of it for a little while, but only long enough to gather my thoughts.  I have for you now the real reason why you hate Google's new logo and the real reason a meh response is actually good!

It's Just a Website

Symbols have been all the rage lately, haven't they?  A symbol of a woman will be on the $10 bill.  A symbol of the Confederacy will not be flying in South Carolina.  (Or will it?  I can't keep up.)  A symbol of the rainbow has taken over facebook profiles pictures.  And soon the symbol of America will be affixed to nearly every home.  With all of this talk about symbols, it's good to know that everyone has a firm grasp on what symbols are and are not.  Oh, wait—they don't.  Not to worry, I am here to help.  Let's talk about what symbols are, how they are good/bad, how to use them for business and maybe get just a little bit political.

Would you believe that it's merely an optical illusion that it's been a month since my last blog post?  No?  Well then, I beg your forgiveness.  I have had much to say, but less time to say it, so I have kept my mouth shut.  Today, I take the time to talk about something both fun and important: Optical Illusions.  Now, I know that doesn't sound fun or important, but do not worry.  I will not ask you to stare for hours on end until your eyes cross and you see a fish, a bird or your very soul.  I just want to take some time to talk about optical illusions and how they should impact how we advertise.