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Why ALL CAPS Is Usually a Bad Idea

I was recently working on an online ad for a client through one of our advertising partners.  I was working directly with the client, but I had no real interaction with them.  The ad was going along fine when all of the sudden the client asked me to put all of her copy in "all caps."  I was horrified!  The thought of capitalizing all of the copy in a small ad caused Kristen and me to rant and rave about the nonsense of it all.  "How could she possibly think this is a good idea!?"  As it turns out, she didn't.  She wanted me to capitalize the word all in her copy.  "Oh, well, that's OK."  At my age, I never let a good rant goto waste, so I decided to make that my next blog topic.  I hope you enjoy.

I recently participated in a survey asking about social media usage.  I consider my social media usage to be tempered and under control, and I answered accordingly on the survey.  Even still, when they presented the questions, "How much time do you spend on Facebook ... Twitter ... Instagram?" my answers fell into the top bracket.  I don't think that it is anything shocking to learn that we all spend a lot of time on social networks.  It is not UN-likely that you ended up here as a result of me pushing this post through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  What struck me was something a little different.

Goodwill Advertising

Earlier this week I tweeted "Is it just me, or are twitter ads getting better?"  I said this because (not once but) twice that day I clicked on a Twitter ad ... and liked it!  This never happens, so I was pleasantly surprised.  One ad was for HipChat and the other was, of course, for the iWatch.  As is often the case, this got me thinking.