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The Language of Design

When Daniel asked me if I would be willing to contribute an entry for his blog, I accepted without hesitation. I didn’t know what I was going to write about, but I felt supremely confident that I would figure out something. He told me it could be tech/nerdy related, but since his blog is on his business site, and his business is graphic design, I wanted to try and write something that was at least somewhat related to that field. The problem I encountered was that writers do best when they write what they know about, and I didn’t really know anything about design.

Up Periscope: Why Small Businesses Should Have it on Their Radar

I know how tight budgets can be, and even when there is ample in the advertising category, it’s imperative that small businesses (or any business, for that matter!) spend their money wisely.

Love Gives Way Tshirts

I'm grateful to be able to guest blog for Daniel this week and share some of my heart with you. Before we jump into that—let's get real—how awesome, servant-hearted, hard-working and kind is Daniel, y'all? Daniel and my friendship started over some design emails and somehow turned into a connection over our advocacy for justice for those who have been sexually exploited. A little bit of all of that is what I want to share with you today.

I was raised in Albany and decided my senior year to pursue a degree in Graphic Design at SCAD–Atlanta. While studying at SCAD I subsequently fell in love with this beautiful, lively city. At first my heart for Atlanta began with an adoration of it's skyscrapers and skyline—not as much the traffic, that's a part of our relationship that will never mend. Since moving here my knowledge of the city and it's communities has shifted from an adoration to something that I have loved to invest in.