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The office layout at Langstaff is conducive for sharing. It makes the perfect work environment to bounce ideas and questions off of one another. So, when something out of the norm occurs, we all relish in the excitement. Well, it happened one day last week.

In the middle of a rather boring stack of mail was a thank-you note from, of all places, Land’s End! What? Say again. Yes, a handwritten thank-you note from Brenda, Customer Care Specialist, with Land’s End. She thanked me for my skirt purchase and commented on how I was going to “love the pattern and color.” Wow! This is a first. I have never received a thank-you note from J. Crew, Nordstrom, Belk, or any retailer for that matter.

Thank goodness. Someone out there is listening. For years, Langstaff Marketing has stressed to clients the importance of writing thank-you notes. It’s a long-lost art and, when received, is much appreciated. It makes me think about the graduation gift I sent to my nephew. I am still waiting on a thank-you note. Now that I think of it, I never received a thank-you note for that same nephews’ wedding gift.

Everybody is busy nowadays. I get that. As a result, we have come to accept an email invitation as the norm. Therefore, naturally, receiving a “thanks” via email is perfectly acceptable. But, when someone takes the time to handwrite you a note personally thanking you for your time, purchase, consideration, etc., you take notice. You make a mental note. It makes the difference.

With that being said, set your business apart. Take the time to thank your clients. It’s positive word of mouth marketing, not to mention, it would make your Grandmother proud! And, you know, Brenda is right. I am going to love that skirt from Land’s End. I already feel better about my new purchase. In fact, I may need to order that coordinating tunic as well!