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Every marketing professional and every wanna-be marketing professional will tell you the same thing to increase the exposure of your business...get a Facebook page.  The fact is anybody can use a camera to take a picture, but a skilled photographer can take a picture and tell a story.  In the same way, anyone can create a Facebook page for their business (or for any other reason), but few people know how to use it effectively to create a community.

But you’re different because after reading these tips you’ll be on your way to mastering the use of a Facebook business page and turning your customers into a community.

Blogging is one of those social media tools that has been gaining popularity for years, yet its purpose in the business world is still very undefined and misunderstood by many. As a personal blog owner, I’ve been intrigued by the process of blogging and how it might affect businesses in future years.  I conducted a private experiment about a year ago that seems to correlate to the importance of blogging for businesses.