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Graphic Design is Everywhere... But we never see it

Graphic design is everywhere. It's literally everywhere we go, filling in our kitchen cabinets and even on the clothes we wear. How? I thought graphic design was only on posters and websites? Every product we buy has a company logo or some design element on it somewhere. It can be difficult to spot, but it's there. 

Many products we buy also have pretty intricate graphics in hopes of catching consumers' attention and looking better than its competitors. Don't believe me? When you get home (or if you are home) take a look at the items in your kitchen pantry. Look closely at some of your products, like that bag of flour, it probably has a detailed graphic element that you just haven't noticed before. What about your box of tea? (If you don't drink tea, please don't tell me. I won't understand.) It most likely is packaged in a brightly colored box/tin with some nice detail to accent the type of tea it is. Companies think about what would portray their product best, and colors really do matter! We associate colors with different things. For example, Chai tea just has a "red" feeling to me because of the spices that it has, such as cinnamon. Cinnamon is always associated with red. 

I also mentioned graphic design is on your clothes. No, I'm not pretending that it's really graphic designers who design your clothing instead of fashion designers, although that would be fun, but graphic designers are responsible for the ever popular brand logo. For some brands of clothing, the logo is everything. It is their selling point. It's why they can charge $78 for a shirt. Although most clothing has a visible logo, there are still clothes (like most of mine, for instance ... 'cause I'm so hipster) that do not have visible logos. However, there is always a logo on the tag. It may be difficult to spot, but it is there.  

Let's list a few other places you can find graphic design:

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Thank You Notes
  • Road Signs
  • License Plates
  • Eye Glasses

Hopefully we've come to the consensus that graphic design really is everywhere ... So what? Well, someone made it. Someone spent hours on every little logo we hardly ever notice. Someone thought for days on the color choice and bounced between HEX codes until she found the perfect color. Someone designed the graphics for the bag of flour. Someone (or even a few people) created every logo you've ever seen. It's important to realize where things come from in hopes that we can gain a greater appreciation for how and why we have them. Graphic design is everywhere, let's try to notice it a little more.