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Bring Halloween to the Office

Halloween is oh so much fun, and this year, it's on a Friday, which means the office gets to participate in the dress-up fun!

Although many may be under the assumption that getting festive for Halloween could send an unprofessional vibe to your clients, I'm in the camp of people who think its a great way to interact with them, and to show your personality in a light, fun way. Plus, are we really going to let the kids have all of the Halloween dress-up fun?

The added bonus is that your clients who are on social media will LOVE the pictures posted of your costumes.
It's a great way to highlight your business and could even lead your clients to sharing your photo to their network of friends, which increases the possibility of gaining new clients! 

So, here's a round up of a few DIY Halloween costume ideas that are work-friendly and definitely fun. 

Independent Costumes

If you feel like stepping out on your own this year, consider these great options for the office!

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy Costume Idea at

Who wouldn't want to be Lucile Ball for a day? Her personality is delightful and her sense of style is pretty great! If you like the 50's, this is the costume for you. It also shouldn't be too difficult to find everything you need (save for a wig) at your local thrift store! And if you're a woman like me, I'd certainly wear the vintage polka-dot dress again! Check out this DIY for the basics and remember you can always put your own spin on a costume.

I Love Lucy Costume

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka Halloween Costume Idea at DanielTitus,com

Can you imagine working with Willy Wonka in your office? Sounds like fun, right? Willy Wonka is a wonderful candidate for a neat costume that reminds everyone of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and also has a classic style all on its own. Although a little quirky, the style of Wonka's clothing is tailored, sophisticated, and reminiscent of an earlier time. This costume is sure to please! Here's an article with a few ideas for what to look for! Most of these things can probably be found at a costume/theater shop, if one is available in your area. 

Willy Wonka Costume

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Costume Idea

This is actually my costume of choice this year. Mary Poppins is a trim, professional dresser who is sure to impress. She's someone I wouldn't mind being associated with and her sense of style is certainly work-appropriate. The good thing about this costume is that it'd be pretty easy to throw together with clothes you may already have. Here's a simple DIY that I found helpful. 

Mary Poppins Costume

Clark Kent

Clark Kent Halloween Costume Idea at

Clark Kent is a great option for any one who wants a quick & easy costume that is also highly functional. (Which may be why Daniel has decided to dress up as Clark Kent this year!) If you have meetings on Halloween and fear that a costume will cause a distraction, this is a great option! When it's time for the meeting, simply button up your shirt and it's business as usual. Here's a quick list of the things you'll need to complete this costume. 

Clark Kent Costume

Group Costumes

If you're afraid you'd be the only person in the office to dress up, have your whole office decide on a theme and dress accordingly!

Themed Group Costumes

1059s Halloween Costume Idea at

An easy method is to have everyone dress up as one unit. One option is to have the office "travel back in time" to the 50's, or any other era! It'd be pretty neat to have the office taken over by pirates or transformed into a baseball team for the day, too! Your local thrift store is probably the best place for vintage clothing. I'd suggest checking out the sports equipment store for baseball clothing, and check out your party store for pirate's attire. Remember to shop your own closet first to see if you have anything that could work!

1950's Costume

Cast Group Costumes

Pirates Halloween Costume Idea at

You could also assign different characters to different people. For example, if you're a tech-loving office, you could all dress up as characters from Star Trek. Although pretty time consuming, a Star Wars office would be super awesome. Also consider the Avengers, Ninja Turtles, or The Beatles!

Star Trek Costume

So there you have it! Have fun this Halloween, and remember to post your costumes on social media networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Instagram!