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I Want to Be Like ...

I'll be honest with you; I really don't feel like blogging.  I haven't blogged all month.  I've had a really good excuses to not blog.  My trip to Romania ate up two of the past three Fridays, and shear exhaustion overpowered me on this last one.  (Plus, isn't Kristen supposed to blog every now and then!?)  At any rate, I am out of the proverbial grove, so I just don't want to do it.  Blogging, however, is important, and I say it's important.  Therefore, I am putting my keyboard where my mouth is, and I am blogging.

Book Suggestion: Creativity, Inc.

A couple of weeks ago, I went down to Valdosta for a few days.  On my way out of town, I stopped by a did a few interviews with Albany CEO.  The guys over there know me pretty well, and they know that I love to read.  So, the asked me about some of the books I had read that would be helpful for people in a creative business.  Hands down, my number one recommendation to anyone business owner in a creative field is Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull*.

Romanian Mission Trip

The Albany, GA community has been very good to me, and I try to be very good to it.  In addition to doing everything I can to improve the visual presentation of my clients, I try to be involved in community service opportunities as well.  I don't say this to toot my own horn; I say this to preface the fact that we live in both a local community and a global community.  I am a citizen of the Albany area, but I am also a citizen of this world.  It is my desire to "give back" (if you will) to this local community.  It is also my goal to reach beyond this local community to other parts of the world.