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Last year Web Design was added to the Albany Herald Reader's Choice Awards, and we won.  Though we feel we do good work, we owe it all to the goodness of great God and the support of our awesome clients.  We were very happy to find out recently that we have won this year as well.  So, we again want to give a big thanks to all of our clients and readers who voted for us.  It is a true blessing to be able to server you guys.  It's been our goal from the beginning to glorify God, bless others, provide for our families and have a great time through our work.

May God bless you and your business as we all do His work.

I got a tattoo, and it is wicked awesome!  The artist did an absolutely phenomenal job.  I have been wanting a tattoo for basically my entire life.  So, my expectation were pretty high.  Nevertheless, this thing cleared the bar with great ease.  It is better than I had ever hoped.  That got me thinking.  Many people have a difficult time finding success and satisfaction with their artist (be it tattoo, graphic, painter or otherwise).  In fact, we creative and artistic people notoriously make the worst clients.  So, what makes the difference?  How do we get the most out of creative people?

Typography Enthusiast

It's been a while since we've Geeked out on here.  I think its time we did that again!  Today we'll be telling you all about typography.  Well, not all about it.  That could take years.  Suffice it to say that you will likely learn something new about typography by the end of the post.  Alrighty, let the nerdiness begin ...