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3 Lessons I Learned from a Crash

It happens to every web developer at one point or another.  You do something completely innocuous to a website and the whole thing goes kaput.  It happened to us this week.  I made a simple change that crashed a site we were planning on launching.  We spent 5 hours trying to fix it and another 6 completely rebuilding it.  The process was grueling, but we learned some nice lessons.  We did well with one, not so well with one and horribly on the other.  Here's what happened:

Graphic Design is Everywhere... But we never see it

Graphic design is everywhere. It's literally everywhere we go, filling in our kitchen cabinets and even on the clothes we wear. How? I thought graphic design was only on posters and websites? Every product we buy has a company logo or some design element on it somewhere. It can be difficult to spot, but it's there. 

A while back I did an imaginary Q&A answering all of the questions that people typically ask their wouldbe graphic designer.  But what about the aspiring graphic designers out there?  Well, I recently had the opportunity to sit down (via email) with a graphic design student who was writing a paper for one of his classes.  Here are the questions and answers from that discussion.