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Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to the Albany Downtown Sertoma club about my favorite topic: myself.  Once a month we have one of our members give a "career talk" to tell about themselves and what they do.  It was a real honor to get to present in front of these committed citizens, and I look forward to continuing to aid in their efforts to make our community a better place to work and live.  I always like to share the contents of my presentations here on the site.  So, for those of you who couldn't make it, take a look at the presentation below.


I joined a gym this week.  I had not been in a weight-room in 13 years, so it's not like I'm a workout kind of guy.  The thing is my wife has consistently gotten better looking every year we've been married.  Seriously! She looks better now than when she was 21.  Who does that!?  I, on the other hand, have gained 18 pounds in the last three years.  So, I figured it was time I start doing my part.

Though it was the word of mouth that sold me, I was still impressed my first time at the gym.  I was struck by how thoroughly and confidently they signed me up.  I realized that this was not very different form "closing" on an account.  I think that with some consideration, we will see that their method of gaining a new member will translate well into our method of adding a new client.

There are few things that irritate me more than an e-mail full of staccato!  In fact, many e-mail format faux pas drive me bonkers.  Please understand that I am not a formatting/courtesy snob.  I'm every bit as obstreperous as the next guy, and I don't think that society should hand down dainty decrees to govern what and how I say things in e-mails.  I think that different relationships, agendas and media call for different levels of formality.  However, I also have a healthy respect for teleology; I'm a designer for crying out loud!  The purpose of an e-mail is usually communication, and a poorly structure format rarely communicates the right message.