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Albany CEO has been kind enough to do some interviews with me in the past.  I thought it might be a good idea to start sharing some of them on here as well.  You can access the video and full transcripts here or take a look at some of my other articles and videos.

Mac vs PC

I recently read a great little book by Wayne Grudem called Business for the Glory of God.  It's very short, but it touches on some very important issues for those living in a capitalist society.  Where as this book did not contain any earth shattering revelations that morphed my schema or flipped my world on its head, it did contain many key points that I had all but forgotten, never notice or simply ignored with the actual living of my life.  If this book didn't already have a subtitle, I would suggest it could be subtitled How to be a Christian Capitalist. Whether that is appealing to you or not, I think it would be a good read for anyone in the business world.  I'll take a moment to share my thoughts on the last chapter, "Effect on World Poverty."

Mac vs PCKnowing my personality and profession, many people are floored to find out that I don't use a Mac; I use a Dell.  I, however, am floored that this Mac vs PC debate has gone on for so long.  Why?  Not because I think that one is clearly better than the other.  I don't; I think both have their uses.  I am floored because the comparison itself is completely imbalanced.  In addition, most of the evidence is irrelevant.  I'm a Mac lover and a PC user, and this is my take on the whole debate.