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Let's face facts.  It can be pretty difficult to deal with us creative types.  We get even more obstreperous when we happen to own a business.  At times the external constrains are just too much when added to the internal conflicts.  We must be both artist and geek, both maker and manager.  Add on a client who won't give you the creative freedom you desire nor the professional courtesy you demand and you've got a recipe for disaster!  So what do you do when it seems that you and your designer will never see eye to eye?  Well, I don't really know ... I'm a designer.

Truth be told, I don't know the right way to handle things.  That's why I tell people to get a marketer!

Just for fun, here are some tips on how to deal with your designer.

I have a digital job in a digital market that is part of a digital world.  We do our work digitally with word processors.  We interact digitally with social networks.  We record our history digitally with blogs.  We even relax digitally with Pandora, NetFlix and iPads.  Even when we slum a little bit we'll put in a CD or DVD ... both digital.  Too seldom do we read from something that isn't glowing, watch something that wasn't rendered or listen to something that can warp or play something that isn't in the form of an app.  Way too seldom do we make things with our hands, something physical, something tangible, something analogue.  In order to combat this, I have started a new project.  (Pictures below.)

I am learning more and more the benefit of letting other people do the things they are good at doing.  As tempted as I am to make this post all about what you should let me do, I'm going to take a step back and update you on my new office.  As you might recall from my last update (18 years ago), I made some gigantic wholes in the walls.  Needless to say dust was everywhere.  I set aside some time to clean it up.  I even borrowed two shop vacs to do it, but something would always prevent me from taking the time to ACTUALLY do it.  (It's like yard work in that respect.)  So, finally I agreed to pay someone else to do it for me.  And, BOY am I glad I did.