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Inspired by real facebook events, I've decided to give a brief lesson on some computer basics.  When I say basics, I mean basics.  These are things every computer literate person should know, but many of them don't.  You will not finish this course and be able to do anything you couldn't do before, but you might be able to do some things faster.  You won't be able to impress your friends, but you might be able to keep up.  This course has two sections.  The first is keystroke commands: a combination of keys you can hit to accomplish a task in a program.  (The keystroke commands below are for Windows.  Though they translate easily into Mac most Mac users would rather use a multi-finger swipe across the track pad.)  The second section covers abbreviations: a combination of letters and/or numbers used to indicate a certain file types, profiles or other technology.

This weekend my wife and I went to the theatres to see The Social Network.  This is huge for me because we haven't seen a movie in ten months.  Obviously, being a computer geek who dabbles in the social media, this was a must see for me.  As my title suggests, I went a way with some implications that I feel should be discussed, but I absolutely loved the movie.  I loved The Social Network for the following 6 reasons.