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What is SEM?

We've talked a good deal about SEO on the DT.C blog in the past, (and that's because it is very important) but an area closely related to it that we haven't given much attention to is SEM - Search Engine Marketing. Although you may not be thrilled to discover that there is another 3-letter acronym that is seemingly difficult to grasp in the web-world, it's really quite simple. SEM refers to Paid Search—that is paid search listings and ads.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Changes

In February, Google announced that it was going to make some pretty serious changes to their Algorithm which would greatly affect some searches.  These changes will take effect on April 21, 2015.  The force of these changes are to the benefit of sites that are mobile friendly.  I thought it would be wise to take a look at what the announcement itself and then answer some made up questions about it.

Order's Up

I recently had a new client want a website in a hurry.  Like, they wanted in up the next day!  The iron was apparently red hot, and they wanted to strike!  A good website takes a while.  You need to gather some good pictures, write some good copy—not to mention actually designing and developing the site and the system.  A lot goes into a well crafted story.  However, in a pinch, we can get something up pretty quickly.  I suggested that they go ahead and launch a single page to have a web presence while they develop the rest of their site.  The very next day, at 4:00pm, their one-page site was live.  Less than 30 minutes later I received a text asking how they could "be up top on Google and Bing."  Well ... that happened fast!