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I am eager to wrap up this comprehensive series on Search Engine Optimization.  I think it is appropriate to end with the business owner, but I must admit that it might be a little anti-climatic.  Perhaps my message to business owners about what they should do could be summed up in just one word: Utilize.

But, why use one word when you can use 500, right!?


I'm going to assume at this point that you already have in place most of the key elements we have mentioned in Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series.  So, now it really comes down to utilizing those things that you've got.  Don't let the SEO Porcha sit in the proverbial garage.  Take that thing out for a spin!  Don't have the time?  Consider the following options:

1. Make the time to do it.

2. Bring someone on staff to do it.

3. Hire out a third party vendor to it.

Utilize your Blog

Frequently update your blog with helpful and interesting posts.  We suggest doing this periodically (once a week to be specific).  It encourages users to come back when they know to expect something new.  I have said dozens of times that if you never update your site, you never give people a reason to come back.

Utilize your Social Networks

Though any avenue of social networking can be helpful, I would specifically recommend Twitter, Facebook and Google +.  Make sure to share your posts and other updates that are on your website, but also run specials and giveaways.  Most importantly try to interact with your clients through social networks.  This is where I fall woefully short.  I interact with my clients in person, over the phone and through email.  However, I should do a better job of interacting with them publicly—socially. 

Utilize Analytics

Analytics can be extremely helpful when learning what is working on you website and what isn't.  You can see who is coming to your site from where.  How long they are spending there and what they are doing.  You can keep track of trends and searches and all sorts of other data.  You can try something and see if it works.  You can try something else and compare the results.

Don't forget

SEO is not a magic wand.  It is a useful tool, but you have to use it.  You have to put some time, energy, effort and money behind it.  If you are wanting something that will just make your business more successful all by itself without any involvement from you, SEO is not it.  Why?  Because SEO is about customer service; it's about the client.  Odds are your clients aren't interested in the company of an un-involved owner.

But don't be scared.  You involvement with SEO is just like every other aspect of your business.  I believe that it pays to do SEO and to do it well.  So maybe in the end it is less about Utilizing and more about Investing.