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SEO Stuff

I've recently been contacted by several clients wanting to talk about, "This SEO Stuff."  I am always thrilled to take these calls because there are some really great things that my clients (and I) can do to better optimize their sites for search engines.  However, these clients are not always thrilled to hear what I have to say.  Few of my clients lie awake in bed at night wondering how they can drive traffic to their sites through search engines.  For some, that's not even on their radar.  However, an SEO matchstick man out there, preying on the uninformed, will blast them with an apocalyptic email "informing" them that their sites doesn't score well.  Panic ensues.

Here's a quick SEO story about two companies with whom I work.  They are in the same industry.  They are both local companies that have to compete with each other as well as national brands.  They are both trying to optimize their sites for search engines.  However, they are going about it in completely different ways.

Anytime I am in search of a phone number or address for a particular company, the first place I look is on that company's website. Many websites neglect the importance of having contact information in an easy to find place, and some websites *gasp* veto the idea of having contact information listed at all. This is a BIG no no. There are rules to Contact information, and even if there's not, there should be. So here they are.