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Let's do a quick review on what SEO is and is not.  SEO is not the efforts to help search engines connect potential clients with your website.  SEO is the comprehensive ongoing strategy to help connect users with your companies information.  As I've mentioned before, that's an important distinction.  SEO is not merely web, and it's not primarily about your sight.  It's about reaching your potential clients wherever they are.  Guess what?  They're mobile!  OK, maybe not yet, but they will be, and a lot of them already are.  If you are looking at any long term strategies, mobile has to be taken into consideration.  It can be tough to know what is most important when planning Mobile SEO strategies.  What's real?  What's fake?  What's hype?  What's standard?  Here's a look at the Top 5 Mobile SEO Suggestions.

Part of the job for any good website developer is to stay caught up in the world of SEO.  I've become a bit of an algoholic over the past couple of years.  I read all the insider information I can find on Google algorithms.  I watch the search percentages between Google (& YouTube) and Bing (& Yahoo).  I'm even going through withdrawals because Google's Matt Cutts is taking a "digital break."  Because of this sort of involvement, I have a ludicrous sounding prediction:

2012 will be the end of SEO ... at least as we commonly think of it.

In a way it's true: Google Hates Farmers, but not those of the agricultural persuasion.  What Google doesn't like are Scrapers ... but few people have a soft-spot in their hearts for scrapers of any kind.  Back in March of 2011 Google implemented a new algorithm hoping to give less weight to scraper sites.  Many people in the web community feel that this was not very effective.  Google decided to take it personally (in a good way).  Matt Cutts, head of Webspam for Google, even tweeted a request for scraper sites that you see in search results.  The second sweep is on it's way.

So why does Google dislike Scraper Site?  Come to think of it, what are they, and what could they possibly do about them?