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While waiting for a client recently, I was approached by a woman I had met before but didn't really know.  "Let me ask you something!" she said.  "As a copywriter, what do I need to be worried about as far as SEO goes?"  I spoke with her about the main areas of concern, and she seemed very appreciative.  She said that she had spent some amount of time researching the subject online but had not gotten very far.  "There's a lot of information, but there's no where that says, 'This is how to do SEO.'"  In that spirit, I would like to spend the next few posts systematically talking about how to do SEO.  I plan to speak first to the designer, the developer, the copywriter and finally to the business owner.  I will not be able to cover everything, but I do hope to address all of the important pieces of SEO as it exists today.

SEO of Bruce Lee

I recently watched a video that reminded me of how great Bruce Lee was.  I mean, seriously ... that man was AMAZING.  I thought to myself, He was easily the greatest martial-artist!  Then I thought, Was he the greatest?  I should google that.  But, then I thought, Wait ... how would Google know that?  Really it's a matter of opinion, right?  Sure Google could tell me who has received the most awards or won the most fights or even made the most money off of martial-arts, but there is an immeasurable quality to greatness, a "gravitas" that you recognize out of appreciation (or mock out of jealousy) when you see it.  Google can't do that!  Or can it?

Rhetoric of SEO

Last week I went to a conference for my son's home school association.  The focus of this conference was on the art and stage of rhetoric.  I thought it would make for an excellent topic here on my design blog as well.  Using the term rhetoric or rhetorical might conjure up different ideas in your mind.  So, I will start by defining my terms.  What in the world is rhetoric anyway?