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Teaching an Old Site New SEO Tricks

You've got a great business.  You are well established in your community.  You are on the cutting edge of technology (or at least you were).  You were the first to get a website.  Your site sat up on top of the search results for a while.  You were king of the query!  Now, all of these new fangled companies are getting on board with the internet and they are starting to trump your site's ranking.  What is a company to do!?

Not to worry.  You can still teach an old site new SEO tricks.  In fact, Google's own Matt Cutts did a great webmaster video discussing this very thing.  I would like to reiterate and add to some of what he says.  Here are 5 New SEO Tricks for Old Sites.

Social Media & The Holidays

The Holiday Season is upon us yet again! How will your business spread the cheer this year? It's no doubt that people often post holiday-related topics on popular Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you're on Facebook, it is very likely you have seen friend's posts for each day of November telling something they are thankful for. Maybe you are even participating in this as well. Although some people may have mixed feelings about these day-to-day posts, the posts are definitely a way to acknowledge the season of Thanksgiving. I personally like posts that are related to Thanksgiving, because so many people tend to skip the holiday all together. You may not have something that your business is thankful for every day, but you can find other ways to participate in the holidays. Here are some ideas:

Does Color Affect SEO

We all know that search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo use a litany of variables to determine when and where to display a website.  Factors as technical as Meta Descriptions and H1 tags can play a big role in how well a page ranks.  Of course things that users actually see like compelling content and lead generating forms play a major role in SEO as well.  But, where is the line?  About what does a search engine really care?  Does color affect SEO?  It may surprise you to learn that: Yes, color can affect your SEO.