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Currently I am using some work space on the more affluent side of town.  It’s not an office, really.  It’s just some space that I’m getting to use.  I don’t pay for it, and it’s in walking distance from my favorite coffee spot.  So, why in the world would I want to start leasing space in the "disfavored" downtown?  Location, location, location.

The Experience
Location is important.  Even for an online business, your location says something about you.  It says whether meeting a client is a bother or a pleasure.  It says whether the future plans are for expansion or status quo.  It says whether you are elite, ubiquitous or something different altogether.  It says that you value your work or don’t, that you pay attention to detail or don’t, that you are established or not.  All of these factors are betrayed to the client through their experience with you.  Much of that can be shaped by your space.

The Trend
Several years back our city tried to revive our downtown area.  It didn’t go over very well.  Pretty much every business that relocated or started there during that time has either moved or closed.  It’s a pity really.  Every town that I love has a thriving downtown.  Every town that is a drag has a cruddy downtown.

We have officially begun round two of our downtown revitalization.  I don’t know if it’s going to stick, but I do see being downtown is part of a greater trend.  I want to throw my support behind this town.  That means putting my business where it will do the most good, and I think that is downtown.

Most of the meetings I take are downtown.  The marketers are downtown.  The more involved businesses are downtown.  The arts, music and theatres are downtown.  There is a sense of community downtown.  The cool people are downtown.  It’s even cheaper downtown.  Plus, there is assistance for downtown!

All in all, I’m very excited about the move.  You’ll be able to visit me there soon.  Granted it will be a work in progress for a while, but my first order of business will be to get a couch or something like that.