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I have a client with a department geared exclusive toward youth.  This client asked for my opinion on what sort of Message Board to use on the website I've been creating for them.  I was kind of shocked by this question.  Believe it or not, I actually can remember the last time I embedded a message board.  It was for a sight geared toward women in their late 40's.  Message Boards have long since had their day in the sun, but is the proverbial pendulum about to swing back that way?  Before I answered my client, I checked with my assistant Kristen.  Barely being out of her teens herself, Kristen has kept her finger on the pulse on what captivates the youth of the day.  So, I asked her, "Would teenagers be interested in a message board on a website?"  The answer may shock you.

If you're like me you go through a lot of aluminum cans in a week.  If you're like my wife you go through a lot of water bottles in a week.  If you're like my dad you go through a lot of paperwork in a week.  But, if you are alive and well and working then odds are you go through a lot of something in a week that could be put to use.  If you're done with it, why throw it away?  Why not recycle it?  Why not give it to someone who can reuse it?

One of the greatest strengths of the world wide web is, of course, the world part.  We all know that we should have a target audience in mind, but what do we do when our target audience lives all over the world crossing all sorts of socio-economic factors?  It can be particularly difficult for us designers.  This week I'm designing a site to reach farmers in the Southeastern United States as well as a site to reach CEOs of fortune 500 companies.  So, what is the common factor?  What should a good design contain regardless of medium, location or demographic?