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E-mail AliasIn December of 2010 I mentioned that I think The End of Email as We Know It is coming sooner rather than later. While this may be true (and it seems it is with the permiation of social networks) e-mail continues to play a significant role in our lives and in our businesses. With every new web-client I gain I discuss the benefits of having an alias e-mail account. Though it obviously makes use of e-mails, I think it is part of the trend of decreasing their necessity. Perhaps it's something that you too should consider. Do you need an alias?

Big is Back“Big is back?  I didn’t know it went anywhere.”  Well it did, and it’s back!  But don’t think that just because you missed its departure you can sleep through its return as well.  It’s back, but it’s a little different than before.

Google Plus vs FacebookBy now, we've all heard about Google Plus and most of us have started an account even if just to figure out what it is.  Odds are as soon as you heard about it you envisioned a cyber war with Facebook.  Odds are you chose a side before you even went to the site; I know I did.  However, before we put on the war paint, let me suggest that one will not necessarily negate the other.  Google Plus and Facebook are not competing for your affections.  (Well, they are a little.)  They are competing for ad dollars (and that's why they need your affections).  In this post I hope to illuminate the ideas that I think are superior.  I'm not making a prediction on who will win, whether or not these ideas will make money or even if these ideas will be implemented well.  Good ideas help the world to progress.

I just want the best ideas to win.