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Welcome to my very own (first) official website… for myself.  Over the years I’ve made dozens for other people, but never officially one for myself.  Sure there were several prototypes, but nothing that I ever really ran with.  Well, here it is!

One of the things I want to do with this site is provide an outlet for my thoughts pertaining to the world of graphic design and web development.  I’ll be discussing various topics from time to time, but they will all (more or less) revolve around the website world.  In fact, next week there will be an article on Search Engine Optimization that is a must read for anyone looking at their business site.  I’d love to hear from you, though.  What would you like to read?  What are you wanting to know?

For the moment, I want to point out a few of the futures of this site that you might find interesting.

Twitter Feed
Sometimes it will work.  Sometimes it won’t.  It’s full of limitation (mostly for security purposes) but, in my mind it’s worth it.  The fact is, people have no reason to come back to your site if there is nothing new.  With a twitter feed, there is something new several times a day.  The beauty is, there is no extra work on the input end.

Now for you diehard facebook fans out there let me give this clarifier.  I am every bit as dependant on facebook as you are, but there are SEO benefits to twitter.  It’s all about what can be crawled.  Think of it in this manner.  Twitter’s default setting is almost always public (for all to see… even Google).  Facebook’s default is almost always proprietary (for them to make money off of… not Google).

Right Side Navigation
This, I believe, is a trend you will soon begin to see, and as usual I precede the trend.  (Whether it’s wearing a rubber bracelet on your wrist or tennis shoes in your wedding.)  Navigation has almost always been a left side item.  We read left to right, right?  Well, break out the Torah, boys, because the mobile world is shaking things up!

Most people are right handed (for primary motor usage).  Because of this, most people hold their mobile device with their left hand.  With left sided navigation, users are forced to hide the screen with their right hand to navigate.  If we plan on using the “hand that holds” to navigate, it is usually the right hand at work (making left hand navigation almost impossible).

I know you’re thinking, “No one actually looks at sites on their phone, do they?”  Well, I do, and my guess is that you will.

Social Book Marks
I’ll make this quick.  All of the articles here (namely the blog posts) are social media friendly.  If you see something you like, ReTweet it; Facebook it; Buzz it, or any other form of Antimeria it.  Share it!
Daniel Titus