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Rookmaaker Quote

Last week I had the interesting experience of presenting at a global pecha kucha event.  The basic concept is to present with 20 slides spending only 20 seconds on each slide.  This was very atypical for me.  I am more accustomed to filling 45 minutes or so rather than only 6 minutes and 40 seconds.  The constraints, as they often do, embolden my creativity and caused me to write and think in new ways.  I only had rights to the pictures in like three slides.  So, I'm only going to share the spoken portion of that presentation here.  I hope you enjoy.

business focus

I was recently in a conversation about a local company who has a very narrow specialty.  They do really nice work, but I'm afraid that their business model is bad ... for anyone.  Though they do their work really well, in order to get it they do everyone else's work really poorly.  I made the statement, "In order to get your business, they're willing to walk you dog."  Walking your client's proverbial dog is a bad idea for you, your client and everyone else too.

The Birth of a Superhero

Six years ago my eldest son was born.

He and I bonded the second time I held him.  Seriously, I looked down at him, and he looked back, and we gave each other the look as if to say, "I understand you."  His was the look that you give your dad when you are a preteen and you don't want your dad to talk about certain things in front of your mom.  Mine was the return look that indicates that I know; I've been there.

He's a great kid – smart as a whip.  We have a lot of fun together reading and playing and just talking.  Fatherhood has been so much better than I ever could have imagined, and I set the bar pretty high.

We decided to do a themed party this year, and he chose Superheroes.  So, we are going to WAY too much trouble to throw him an awesome party that he is sure to forget.  But it doesn't matter; it's a labor of love.  I love my son, and I love doing things for him.  He's my kiddo.  He's my heart.  He's my son.

Happy birthday, Zachariah.


Over the past couple of weeks, we've been revamping an old, and frankly sad, dresser we got for the office. You may ask, "Why did you buy a dresser for an office? It's an office!" Well, we simply must have one. Our front area of the office really likes having a dresser, so we try our best to appease it. 

Anyway, so there I was, sanding away on the top of the dresser and a little thought slipped into my mind. I wondered, when did the Pound (#) sign become known as a hashtag?


I've been ranting a bit about Internet Explorer 8 a bit lately.  I know that the overwhelming majority of people reading this don't use it, but you may very well know someone who does.  (According to, 4.8% of browsing is still done with IE8.)  So, be a good friend, relative or neighbor, and help them say goodbye to IE8.  Trust me; it's for their own good.  Here are just a few reasons why.