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Let Them Be Artists

One lesson that every (successful) designer must learn is that you can't always be an artist (at least not in everything that you do).  This is a lesson that I had to learn and one that Kristen is learning now.  In recent days, she has designed some of the best logos I have ever seen.  None of them was chosen by the clients.  In one of the cases, we had to produce exactly what the client had dreamed up—little did he realize that his dream was our nightmare.  This lead to an interesting discussion.

As of late, we've had an influx of print work that's changed up our usual dynamics of website, logo, repeat. I have to admit, it's been a lot of fun! In the past month, we've had the pleasure of designing a few brochures, flyers, t-shirts, truck wraps, banners and more. Print work offers different challenges from web design, while also carrying different benefits. In order to have the best print work possible, please allow me to offer a few pieces of advice. 

Design Take-Aways from NYC

For most of last week I had the opportunity to explore New York City with family and friends! NYC is known for being forward-thinking in many areas and the area of design is no exception. Though the extent of our trip included far more than strictly graphic design elements, I think there are aspects we can glean from this man-made city through nearly all of its monuments and sights. I'd love to share a few design ideas I took away from some of my favorite spots in NYC. 

Understanding the Big News from E Ink

E Ink announced (on May 24, 2016) a breakthrough in their Advanced Color ePaper.  This is big news that most people I know don't understand.  After all, we've had color displays since ... forever, right?  Well, yeah, but there is a big difference in the technology that is being used.  I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at what we see (but don't ever see) every day.

Why Companies Who Don't Need Websites Do Need Websites

I often talk to business leaders whose businesses are doing well.  They are doing so well that they "don't need a website."  They say, "if we had a website we couldn't keep up with the work it would generate."  I wonder if they would be willing to fill in that blank with any other business given.  "If we had               we couldn't keep up with the work it would generate."  Would they say they don't need customer service, quality products, customer relationships, efficient billing, educated clientele, solid reputation or locatable offices?  All of these things generate business.  All of these things can be enhanced with a good website.