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Consistent Advertising

I love the word campaign.  As I've mentioned before it means "a systematic course of actions for a specific objective."  The word is often used in the realm of advertising.  We are all familiar with "advertising campaigns."  They are not collections of random ads with a wide range of foci.  They are ads that work together for a specific goal (even if they individually hit different targets).  One aspect of a campaign that must be kept in mind is consistency.

Merry Christmas from Us

Christmas time is here! We had lots of fun designing our Christmas card for this year. So much fun, in fact, that we've decided to turn it into a snazzy wallpaper for your phone AND a Facebook cover photo to brighten up your page with holiday cheer. While we adore Autumn, Christmas just may be "the most wonderful time of the year." Merry Christmas from us at!

Give Thanks with a Free Background designed by the Kristen Stevens

In case you were not previously aware, at, we love Thanksgiving. We believe in saying "Thank You" to our clients and our colleagues alike, for we like living in a world of "thank you's." As a little thank you from us to you, please enjoy this FREE Desktop or Phone background. We hope that you remember to give thanks in all things and to give Thanksgiving the light of day. :)

What Good Are Gimmicks

The cobwebs of Halloween have not yet been fully swept away, yet boughs of holly are already decking the halls of many retailers.  Normally I would complain about this because I love Thanksgiving so much, but the rushing of Christmas provides me with a blog post topic.  So, I will keep it all bottled up until the Airing of Grievances comes around.  For the moment, I will tell you this little story: A friend of mine recently said to me, "I was suckered into buying a something this week purely based on marketing!"

I was intrigued.

What We can Learn from Les Misérables

I've spent the last four month reading Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.  It's a massive novel whose chapters are only outnumbered by its acclaims.  If you know (at least the mainstream) story line, you know that it is great story—that is not to be taken for granted, here.  However, the best part about the book is not the story.  Hugo goes into extreme detail about a very minor character—very minor.  It can be frustrating at first, but when you finally get to this character's one significant act the background knowledge adds so much weight that it almost brings tears to your eyes.  However, it is not Hugo's command of detail that makes this book so great either.