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I recently participated in a survey asking about social media usage.  I consider my social media usage to be tempered and under control, and I answered accordingly on the survey.  Even still, when they presented the questions, "How much time do you spend on Facebook ... Twitter ... Instagram?" my answers fell into the top bracket.  I don't think that it is anything shocking to learn that we all spend a lot of time on social networks.  It is not UN-likely that you ended up here as a result of me pushing this post through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  What struck me was something a little different.

Is AutoSEO Too Good to Be True?

On March 31, the head of Google's webspam team Matt Cutts (who has been taking some time off) tweeted that he was unveiling a new project called AutoSEO located at  What's it all about?  AutoSEO claims to be "automatic SEO" that will "processes your content" all open source, all for free.  All you have to do is write your content!  Sound too good to be true?

Google's Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Changes

In February, Google announced that it was going to make some pretty serious changes to their Algorithm which would greatly affect some searches.  These changes will take effect on April 21, 2015.  The force of these changes are to the benefit of sites that are mobile friendly.  I thought it would be wise to take a look at what the announcement itself and then answer some made up questions about it.

We strongly encourage our clients two write their own copy for their website. If you wondering what copy is, you may be more familiar with the terms “text.” That’s right, it’s the words on your website, the way you communicate with potential clients through text. We feel that the people who know the most about your company are the people actually involved in your company! The best way to give a glimpse of the personality, motive and inner workings of your company is to communicate through the actual employer(es) of your company. As wonderful as it is, writing copy can be quite daunting at times. 

Goodwill Advertising

Earlier this week I tweeted "Is it just me, or are twitter ads getting better?"  I said this because (not once but) twice that day I clicked on a Twitter ad ... and liked it!  This never happens, so I was pleasantly surprised.  One ad was for HipChat and the other was, of course, for the iWatch.  As is often the case, this got me thinking.