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How to Write Copy for a Website

It can be a daunting task to write copy for your website.  You have known your business so well for so long that it is completely ingrained in you.  Everything there is to say just sort of goes without saying.  It can be difficult to remove yourself and figure out what actually needs to be said.  Below I have listed five steps that will hopefully be helpful when you write copy for a website ... or anything else for that matter.

Free Summer Backgrounds design by the team

It's officially summertime! Although it's felt like Summer since May 1st in Southwest Georgia, the first day of summer wasn't technically until June 21st. In honor of the occasion, we've created summer-themed backgrounds for your iPhone & Desktop! And, if you still have an iPhone 4, not to worry, we've included iPhone 4 versions as well!

Yes, we think about you. We love you. Here's how you get the backgrounds...

Art.  Art today is very public, and therefore anyone can be a critic.  You don't have to be trained in the arts or have any appreciation (understanding) of art at all.  You don't have to know what the artist is hoping to communicate or even try to figure it out.  You can just say, "I don't like it."  And, that's ok as far as it goes.  Art is often meant to be subjective and appeal to fairly narrow styles.  The problem comes when one takes his own subjective tastes and makes that the objective criterion by which all art is judged.  More times than not the singular factor chosen is representation.  "If it looks like the thing it represents then it's good art."  Or the converse, as I once heard a man say, "If a child looks at it and says, 'What is it?' it's obviously not any good."  The problem here is that a lot of great art communicates things that have no physical, visual form.  Does this make the art bad?  I hope not.  As I hope to demonstrate, that's a lot of what a graphic designer does!

Rhetoric of SEO

Last week I went to a conference for my son's home school association.  The focus of this conference was on the art and stage of rhetoric.  I thought it would make for an excellent topic here on my design blog as well.  Using the term rhetoric or rhetorical might conjure up different ideas in your mind.  So, I will start by defining my terms.  What in the world is rhetoric anyway?

When Your Website Doesn't Look Like You

Have you ever searched for a familiar business online to check out their website? I'd be willing to bet we all have at some point. Here's how the process typically goes: You type the business name into a Google search, scroll down the query until you see what appears to be the business you are looking for, click to follow the link, wait for the site to load, and then a feeling of uncertainty passes over you. "Is this really their website?"