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The Power and Problem of Analytics

I have recently been doing analytic word for more clients that usual.  At first I thought that people were finally starting to heed the website advice I've been giving for years.  I thought that these were efforts to raise their own awareness about how their site was performing so they could help it better serve it's purpose.  I fear, however, that many have a skewed view of the value behind analytics.  This will likely be the case when you don't understand the true purpose of a website.

Disney Website Transformation

Can you remember what the internet looked like 5 years ago? What about one year ago? No? Me neither. That's why Daniel and I decided to embark on a little investigating using Wow, how things have changed. Chick-fil-A has undergone quite the face-lift! Along the way, there were a few things we noticed all of the older sites had in common.. and we also noticed things the new ones had in common. Here's a sampling from a few common industries: 

Teaching an Old Site New SEO Tricks

You've got a great business.  You are well established in your community.  You are on the cutting edge of technology (or at least you were).  You were the first to get a website.  Your site sat up on top of the search results for a while.  You were king of the query!  Now, all of these new fangled companies are getting on board with the internet and they are starting to trump your site's ranking.  What is a company to do!?

Not to worry.  You can still teach an old site new SEO tricks.  In fact, Google's own Matt Cutts did a great webmaster video discussing this very thing.  I would like to reiterate and add to some of what he says.  Here are 5 New SEO Tricks for Old Sites.

Last year Web Design was added to the Albany Herald Reader's Choice Awards, and we won.  Though we feel we do good work, we owe it all to the goodness of great God and the support of our awesome clients.  We were very happy to find out recently that we have won this year as well.  So, we again want to give a big thanks to all of our clients and readers who voted for us.  It is a true blessing to be able to server you guys.  It's been our goal from the beginning to glorify God, bless others, provide for our families and have a great time through our work.

May God bless you and your business as we all do His work.

You've Been Egged

The past couple of years around this time our house has been egged.  No, it's not some adolescent prank, and there is no messy clean up.  Someone or some group of someones has come to our house in secret and hidden a dozen eggs in our yard for our boys to find.  It's the cutest thing!  We have never known when or if it would happen.  We have just found a note taped to our door and plastic eggs in our yard.  Some of the fun is the surprise; a little bit of the fun is the hunt, but most of the fun is the mystery.  By mystery I mean: there is no name, no logo, no call sign.  There's no one to thank, no one to credit.  Somehow this empty spotlight (not unlike the empty tomb) makes it all the more meaningful.