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I try to have a post up once a week (more or less). Believe it or not, it isn't because I am somehow disillusioned into thinking that you can't go without reading my thoughts. It isn't even solely to give you reason to come back to my site. (Though that is part of it.) The chief reason can be put simply into three letters: S-E-O. That's right; my writing to you is almost purely of a self-serving nature. Sure, I want to help you out, but it so happens that I'm doing it in a way that helps me out. In this post I'm going to talk about two controllable factors that can help improve your SEO. That's right; there is something that you, yes you, can do.

I will hit more heavily on this in a series of posts later on, but I want to briefly mention it now. One of the many factors that Google and other search engines take into consideration is the amount of traffic that you have coming to your site. As we've mentioned before, the goal of any good search engine is to help you find what you want. This means separating the live sites from the dead ones and the good sites from the bad ones. If no one is going to your site, your site looks bad... or dead. If people are always going to your site, your site looks alive and well.

In the future I'll hit on some ideas that can help generate some traffic for your site, but that is another post all together.

Look alive
Did you ever watch Weekend at Bernie's? If you haven't than you are probably too young to own a business. If you have than you know that for someone to seem alive he has to do things that living people do. He has to move, acknowledge the people around him and even have conversations. The same is true for your site. You may not have a site that can live and breath on its own like Most of us don't. But you can strap that site to your wrist, and make it move when you move, talk when you talk and become the life of the party.

Here are three things you can do to help your site look alive. (If you don't mind, I think I'm going to stick with the Weekend at Bernie's theme for a while.)


1. Move it

Unless you are practicing some form of business monasticism you associate yourself with other businesses. You associate with colleagues. You associate with organizations. You even associate with competitors. Why not do that online too? It's networking: plain and simple. Every time you mention someone else on your site, you give someone else a reason to expose your site to their network. Everyone loves to be mentioned. Everyone loves to be linked. Everyone loves to tweet "Read @someones article about @me!" Give others the opportunity to promote you by promoting them.



2. I see that hand

Always remember that we are in a community. Even if we aren't near each other geographically, we can live in an online community together. 50 years ago if someone walled himself up in a house, never spoke to their neighbors and never acknowledge the goings-on of the neighborhood he was considered odd. He was a self-made outcast, and children would imagine stories about what made him that way. The adults in the neighborhood would take concern and think, "Why, one day he could die, and it would be weeks before anybody knew."


I've lived in my house for 5 years and have never spoken to my neighbor. I've knocked on the door, rang the doorbell and even returned their lost dog. Each time I was completely ignored and sent away. Obviously this is not 50 years ago. But, as far as a search engine is concerned the same principles apply to your website. A live website wants visitors. It wants to know who is coming, keep track of them and stay in touch with them. In order to do that you can add certain features to your site. Use analytics to know who is coming to your site. Offer forms to keep track of them. Provide e-newsletters to stay in touch with them. If you're really daring offer online dialogue with comment sections and forums.


3. Speak to me

As I eluded in the opening paragraph, regularly adding new content is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your site. This is the case for many reasons. For starters, content is what Google is looking for in the first place. Content remains the most searchable factor of a website. Secondly, (if done properly) it creates new pages to be indexed by search engines. Thirdly, (and perhaps most importantly) it's new. When Google or other search engines crawl your site, they compare to what they found before. They see what is new; they see what has changed. They even see who has viewed what. If you are adding content then your site is alive. If your site is alive then they want people see it. Remember, "Dead men tell no tales." If your site is talking then it must be alive!


You can learn more about what kind of content you can add to your site one Lemonade's Guest post Importance of Blogging.
Daniel Titus