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I have the best clients (and readers) in the world.  Most designers have to pull teeth to get paid in a timely fashion.  My clients often call me up saying. "Have you billed us yet?  We want to get you paid!"  Ah, what great people!  So, I'm going to start trying to give a little back.  Eventually, I'd like to make these freebies more like prizes (with monetary value and everything).  For now, I will just make it something that anyone can get.  I've made an image that you can apply as the wallpaper of your desktop.  Feel free to take the image and run, but if you'd like to hear about it, I'll tell you the story behind the image.

P.S.  I'm also trying out a new commenting feature.  Let me know what you think/if it works on your browser.

Smoking Flax

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The Story Behind the Image

The title of this image is Smoking Flax.  I wrote last week about inspiration and how it can come from anywhere.  The inspiration for this came from some reading that I did this week of a guy named Richard Sibbes.  He wrote in length about being like a smoking flax, being all but snuffed out.  I feel certain from time to time we all feel this way and this weight.  These times (like the image itself) are dark and have a fair amount of doom accompanying them.

To those who are thinking to yourselves, Technically a flax is the wick of a lamp not a candle, I have only one thing to say: "Nerd."  Yes, historically a flax would not be part of a candle per-say, but I'm using poetic license here.

Like most art, this images offers a choice to the viewer.  Will the candle be snuffed out, or will it be stoked?  Will it be inevitably quenched, or will it be immediately rekindled?  All good things -- events, business, relationships -- all good things come to an end, but that is no reason for them to end prematurely.  The flames can still be brought back to life.  The fire can still burn bright.  The glow can still bring light.  The heat can still bring warmth.  The flax may be smoking, but it is not extinguished!