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Game Frame

The Prize:

I've been wanting this book for a couple of months now.  So, I decided to buy it.  While I was at it, I decided to share it with you too ... well, at least one of you.  That's right, one of my lucky readers gets a free book (of ... my choice).  Seriously though, it's going to be a good book!  Game Frame by Aaron Dignan delves into the inner workings of games and our obsessions with them.  He takes these analysises and applies them to the work ethic of the everyday worker.  That's right; more play means better work.

How to Play:

Step One: If you aren't already following me on Twitter ... you've gotta do that.

Step Two: Mention me in a re-tweet of any of my blog posts before 12:00am Friday August 12, 2011.  For example:

  • "My favorite @danieltituscom post is [insert URL here]."
  • "I found @danieltituscom post of [insert URL here] very helpful."
  • "I've never read a @danieltituscom post, but if I did it would be [insert URL here]"

Step Three: Check back on Friday to find out who the winner is.  That's it!  I'll mail you the book soon!

Good luck!

And the Winner is ...

Congratulations Josh Boutwell!  You are the proud new owner of this awesome book.  I know you will use it well!