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The Birth of a Superhero

Six years ago my eldest son was born.

He and I bonded the second time I held him.  Seriously, I looked down at him, and he looked back, and we gave each other the look as if to say, "I understand you."  His was the look that you give your dad when you are a preteen and you don't want your dad to talk about certain things in front of your mom.  Mine was the return look that indicates that I know; I've been there.

He's a great kid – smart as a whip.  We have a lot of fun together reading and playing and just talking.  Fatherhood has been so much better than I ever could have imagined, and I set the bar pretty high.

We decided to do a themed party this year, and he chose Superheroes.  So, we are going to WAY too much trouble to throw him an awesome party that he is sure to forget.  But it doesn't matter; it's a labor of love.  I love my son, and I love doing things for him.  He's my kiddo.  He's my heart.  He's my son.

Happy birthday, Zachariah.