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We've been wonderfully busy here at the office, and quite frankly, I haven't had time to work on a blog post.  So, I decided to let me kids do one instead.  No, not really.  But, this blog post is inspired by my children.  More accurately, this blog post is inspired by my children's artistic style and their corresponding personalities.

My Eldest Son:

My eldest son is ... well ... a firstborn.  He's a control freak.  He's obsessive and very meticulous.  He has a certain way of doing things.  He's complementary of other ways, but doesn't care to adopt them, and just look out if you try to enforce them.  He is very sweet, though.

My Youngest Son:

My youngest (for now) son is a nutjob.  He is wild, rambunctious and can keep up with his older brother with ease.  He is not thwarted by anything, but mainly because he doesn't really have a plan.  He rolls with the punches and isn't afraid to get his hands messy.  He is quite silly.

Their Recent Works:

Now, see if you can guess who painted what.

Artistic Style

Your Turn:

Kristen asked me which is more my style.  For me, it depends on what I'm doing.  If I'm on the computer, I'm like my eldest.  If I've got a brush in my hand, I'm like my youngest.  How about you?  What's your artistic style?